If you’re looking for a better, smarter way to land great clients consistently... AND you’re an established freelance writer or copywriter... this might be the most important book you read all year.  

You’ll discover...  

  • How to find and tap the “low-hanging fruit” that yields work fast... while you build a healthy pipeline of hot prospects for the long run. 
  • The amazing nine-word email that consistently revives dead leads and dormant clients. (This thing works like crazy!)  
  • The SPEAR email formula that compels prospects to reply to your emails.  
  • A new way to think about subject lines... and how to write subject lines that get emails opened and generate positive response.  
  • A real action plan you can follow. I’ll show you EXACTLY where to start your efforts (and why). Where to go from there. And how to turn this activity into a near-automatic routine. 
  • More than a dozen proven outreach ideas you can copy word for word.  
  •  16 hard-hitting email scripts you can model.  

And much more!  

Ed Gandia